How can I disable the default tooltip hint message in VSCode? It's annoying sometimes.

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    If they were just shifted over not blocking nearby text they'd be just fine! – user3015682 Oct 30 '19 at 16:06

editor.hover.enabled: false in settings.json to Tooltip

Click on Edit in settings.json

There are two panes

Default User Settings

"editor.quickSuggestions": {
    "other": false,
    "comments": false,
    "strings": false

User Settings

"editor.parameterHints.enabled": false,
"editor.suggest.snippetsPreventQuickSuggestions": false,
"html.suggest.html5": false,
"editor.snippetSuggestions": "none",

This also can be done UI.

Setting Snippet Suggestions : false

Update August 2018 (version 1.27)

Goto File=>Preference=>Settings

Text Editor => Suggestions

Click on Edit in settings.json

"editor.parameterHints.enabled": false,
"editor.suggest.snippetsPreventQuickSuggestions": false,
"html.suggest.html5": false,

Update your suggest options and save.

New update option

Before August 2018

Goto File=>Preference=>User Settings

You will find settings.json

// Configures if the built-in HTML language support suggests Angular tags and properties.
"html.suggest.angular1": false,

"html.suggest.ionic": false,

"html.suggest.html5": false,

Just find your language and set suggest = false


Setting to turn off ALL popups

"editor.parameterHints": false

See the settings.json

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To hide those hints you can just add "editor.parameterHints": false to your settings.json. Found the answer in here.

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  • No longer seems to be a valid value as of 2019. BigKids' answer was the only answer that worked for me, and has the added advantage that it still allows you to explicitly call the hints when you want to. – Prometheus Jun 18 '19 at 21:52
"editor.hover.enabled": false,

is your bulletproof solution. Then you can use CTLR + K, CTLR + I.

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  • I'm a big fan of this in addition to setting up caps lock as a hyper-key on my Mac. So then the hotkey would be capslock+i – fantastisk Feb 10 at 15:47

On version 1.27.2, I found that only this parameter disabled all the tooltips: "editor.hover.enabled": false.

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  • Someone already posted this answer here two days before yours. – Prometheus Jun 18 '19 at 21:54

I find using a larger value for Editor > Hover: Delay (search for "delay" in the settings search bar) does the trick for me. Its default is 300ms. This doesn't address the desire to actually eliminate the tooltips, but having them only appear after, say, 2 seconds, reduces the visual clutter quite a bit for me.

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  • Thank you. I've set everything to false, but tooltips are always here. Setting the delay to a larger value is the only effective solution I've found :) – TheCat Nov 16 '19 at 18:21

Simple way that no one here has mentioned: Code → Preferences → Settings. Search for "hover". Uncheck the checkbox where it says "Editor > Hover: Enabled".

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Here's the noob version, assuming you know little about VS Code (like me).

Windows. VS Code version: 1.37.1

  1. While in VS Code:
    press F1 then type "settings" or "preferences" - then click "Preferences: Open User Settings"
    - or -
    from top menu: File>Preferences>Settings
    - or -
    hotkey: ctrl+,
  2. in the settings pane, type "hover" (no need to press "enter")
  3. the settings pane should display the hover settings immediately
  4. Uncheck "Editor › Hover: Enabled"
    hover disable

Rockstar Version: edit the JSON like a balla

  1. F1 then type "Open Settings (JSON)"
    navigate to settings JSON file and open in VS Code
  2. Add this to JSON file (within curly braces, INCLUDE quotes): "editor.hover.enabled": false
    Note: each line needs a comma after it. If you add to top, put a comma after this line. If you add to bottom, add a comma after the previous line.
  3. Don't forget to save!
    what JSON looks like

If you're new to coding, those tooltips can come in handy. You may want instead to just DELAY their appearance as Logan suggested.

click here: https://stackoverflow.com/a/53512394/8623576 or simply scroll up! :)

Note: I appreciate others have posted almost the EXACT same answer but, as I mentioned, this is the NOOB version that assumes the user has little/no experience with VS Code.

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for Versions 1.31+ this one line did it for me:

"editor.parameterHints.enabled": false
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Go to the settings gear wheel in the bottom left hand corner, then go to Settings and search "hover". Uncheck the "Controls whether the hover is shown" box.

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