is it possible to exclude a directory from displaying a diff of merge request in GitLab?

We started to version the bower_components folder (1 - to speed up app build, 2 - because bower has no .lock mechanism), but it makes trouble when doing code review - many changed files appear inside bower_components which makes the diff harder to read.

Thanks in advance


Since gitlab 8.8, gitlab support the .gitattributes.

So if your project does not have .gitattributes add it,

and to exclude files for diff, append:

*.<whatever> -diff

and to exclude directories from a diff:

<mydir> -diff
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    Nice. Is there a way to still see the diff on my machine, but ignore during gitlab review? – ReDetection Jul 10 '19 at 4:19
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    AFIAC: such attribute does not exist but that would be -gitlab-diff (given existing gitlab-language=LANG). But seems this recipe stopped working (it used to work). Got gitlab 13.3.6-ee. Locally skips diff (only shows "Binary files a/* and b/* differ") but in gitlab UI/MR does show full diff. – lukmdo Sep 18 '20 at 9:47

From here

This is a very simple workaround until there is another way to exclude vendor folders, packages, image files, etc. I just destroy the html nodes with javascript. Saving this code as a bookmark in the browser toolbar lets you filter every time you are in the diff page, just clicking in the bookmark.

javascript:var q=prompt(“Insert your filter”);if(q!=null){$(“.diff-file:contains(“+q+“)”).detach()}

The script lets you specify the route (f.ex. vendor/) or an extension (.jpeg) to delete all nodes that contains that string.

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