Hi I am installation openshift 3.3 , 30 days trial version on RHEL 7.3, have registered the system using subscription-manager . I was able to attach pool id but suddenly its giving this "No available subscription pools to list" though in redhat portal I can see my subscription is still active. Any idea why this happens? I have faced this issue several time with redhat subscriptions

FAILED! => {"changed": false, "failed": true, "msg": "No OpenShift version available, please ensure your systems are fully registered and have access to appropriate yum repositories."}

any help?


I was able to fix this issue for OpenShift 3.4 using the following command on all hosts in the cluster:

atomic-openshift-excluder unexclude

"The *-excluder packages add entries to the exclude directive in the host’s /etc/yum.conf file when installed. Run the following command on each host to remove the atomic-openshift packages from the list for the duration of the installation." See documentation here.

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