I am looking for the best/simplest way to manage a local development environment for multiple stacks. For example on one project I'm building a MEAN stack backend.

I was recommended to use docker, however I believe it would complicate the deployment process because shouldn't you have one container for mongo, one for express etc? As found in this question on stack.

How do developers manage multiple environments without VMs? And in particular, what are best practices doing this on ubuntu?

Thanks a lot.


With Docker-Compose you can easily create multiple containers in one go. For development, the containers are usually configured to mount a local folder into the containers filesystem. This way you can easily work on your code and have live reloading. A sample docker-compse.yml could look like this:

version: '2' services:   node:
    build: ./node
      - "3000:3000"
      - ./node:/src
      - /src/node_modules
     - mongo
    command: nodemon --legacy-watch /src/bin/www

    image: mongo

You can then just type

docker-compose up

And you Stack will be up in seconds.

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