I tried using httrack to download my phpbb forum, but no matter what setup I use, I cannot get it to stop downloading the entire wikipedia site as well, and many other websites whose links are anywhere in the forum...

What I managed to do it make it download the index page only, but that's not good either.

I thought that setting


in the Options->Scan Rules would do the trick, but it went on to download the entire wikipedia again :(



Maximum mirroring depth = 1 (Keep this 2, when 1 doesn't work)


Maximum external depth = 0 !! Worked for me


Found a questionable solution here: Subject: Re: prevent download of external content.

The problem is that now external links point to a page that looks pretty ugly, which is fixable.

However, embedded content, like youtube, is now also replaced by this ugly page :(

At least it is not downloading the entire internet anymore...


I would try:

    *stay on the same address (--stay-on-same-address)
    stay on the same principal domain (--stay-on-same-domain)

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