I am building my first MVC app, so please excuse me if its a rookie question. I am building a web app that queries an existing SQL database Log tables that are created when a new record is created, mapping the response back using Dapper.

However, the Log messages text can be 1000's of lines long. Is there a way that I can limit the length of the returned value to say 100 characters?

EDIT #1 I have tried the following after success in the SQL Server manager query:

   CAST(myColumn as CHAR(100)),

All of these worked in the Server Manager Query window, but did not work when I put them in my ConnectionString.Query for Dapper.


SELECT LEFT (your_column, 100) FROM your_table

Got the above answer from this post...

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    I have also tried "CAST(myColumn,CHAR(100))" and "SUBSTRING(myColumn,0,100)" All returning null
    – tCoe
    Dec 13 '16 at 20:32

Alright I found what was i was doing wrong. This is what i used to get the first 100 characters from the returned value:

   SELECT CAST(myColumn as CHAR(100)) AS mySHORTENEDColumn FROM myTable

I am kinda embarrassed that I didn't find it before posting the question but I figure maybe it will help someone else, that's a rookie like me.


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