I have some powershell scripts with the following in them:

$ErrorActionPreference = "stop"
trap { Write-Error $_.Exception; }

When calling the script from a powershell window using a powershell redirection operator:

c:\somescript.ps1 2> c:\error.txt

It will only print out the error to the powershell window and not redirect it to the file. If I remove $ErrorActionPreference = "stop" from the script, then the redirection works, but that isn't a viable option since we need the scripts to terminate if it runs into any error. I've tried using '*>' too, but that produces the same results.

Is there any way to redirect the errors to a file without having to change all the scripts?


The problem with your approach is that $ErrorActionPreference = "stop":

  • instantly stops (aborts) the entire script and the command that calls it, c:\somescript.ps1 2> c:\error.txt,

  • which means that the redirection 2> c:\error.txt is not performed, and the error message displays in the console rather than being captured in the specified file.

The workaround is somewhat cumbersome:

You must wrap all of your script's commands in a single try ... catch block as follows:

$ErrorActionPreference = 'Stop'

try {

 # ... the entire rest of your script goes here

} catch {

  # !! This shouldn't be necessary, but if we left $ErrorActionPreference
  # !! 'Stop' in effect, the use of Write-Error itself would cause an 
  # !! - uncaught - terminating error.
  $ErrorActionPreference = 'Continue'

  # Write the error to the error stream.
  Write-Error $_

  # Exit the script with a nonzero exit code to signal failure.
  exit 1


The need to reset $ErrorActionPreference before calling Write-Error in the catch block to avoid causing a terminating error smells like a bug to me (tested in PSv5.1 and PS Core v6.0-alpha13).


You might want to have a look at using Try Catch Finally for Error Trapping.

I have had the most success with that.

Great TechNet Blog on this subject

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