There are various jquery plugins that adds text as overlay on image. But I want to allow user to place text on image, give effect(like font, size, curve) to text and then save it as image. Something like http://ipiccy.com/ (Don't need all the features but adding text and text effects) I am using Asp.Net mvc. Please suggest


You can position text, once images are loaded, even if randomly, jQuery's position() method will provide you will all the information you need. Then you can put whatever text/effects you want in the container.

<h1>Text Blocks Over Image, Updated</h1>

  <img src="http://baconmockup.com/501/351" />
      <span class='spacer'></span>
      <br />
      <span class='spacer'></span>
      bacon ipsum dolor sit amet

<p>Modernized and improved from <a href="http://css-tricks.com/text-blocks-over-image/">http://css-tricks.com/text-blocks-over-image/</a>.</p>

<h3>Key Updates</h3>

  <li>Positioning the <code>h2</code> by <code>bottom</code> pins the caption to the <em>bottom</em> of the image.</li>
  <li>Reset bg color declaration on spacer element.</li>
<!--   <li>Used <code>:before</code> and <code>:after</code> for line-break spacing.</li> -->
  <li>Switched to <a href="http://baconipsum.com/">http://baconipsum.com/</a> and <a href="http://baconmockup.com">http://baconmockup.com</a> for better BEO.</li>
  <li>Semantcized to figure/figcaption markup.</li>

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