I was making a mistake in cloudant. I was added dbcopy into my view without reduce function. Which making the cloudant gone crazy. I can't get that design document to fix

I call GET _design/ThatDesignDoc. It really should just give me text content of that document

But it not, instead it return error

{"error":"bad_request","reason":"The dbcopy option is only valid for reduce views."}

Which is bad. I cannot fix that document with this error keep coming instead of just a raw content. I cannot get any more information, to get specific revision also need to call this API and I don't know previous revision key

Actually I think this is a bug in cloudant system. This should not be a correct behaviour. I can't find any workaround

Are there anyone know anything I could do?


There does indeed seem to be a bug in Cloudant - I've raised a ticket to get it fixed.

As a work around, you can hit the GET /db/_all_docs endpoint to get the rev token of the offending design document e.g.

GET /db/_all_docs?key="_design/ThatDesignDoc"


You can then use that value of rev to update or delete the document.

  • Sure I could just delete it whole, but then what would happen to all function I was written in that design doc? How can I retrieve it back? – Thaina Dec 14 '16 at 11:34
  • The Cloudant bug is preventing you from seeing the content of the document. Your only option at this point is to delete it and re-create it. – Glynn Bird Dec 15 '16 at 8:35

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