I have different pc's with the same configurations (Win7 Prof with Office 2013, exact same build-number). I have a excel file which uses the old calendar control of office 2007.

To solve this problem I register with administrator rights the mscal.ocx:

regsvr32.exe C:\temp\mscal.ocx

It gives me an success message on every pc. But on some pc's I can not use the old calendar control.

enter image description here

On the pc's that working the calendar control is seen as above in the red square, the pc's it doesn't work the red square is empty and gives the error

Run Time Error '380' on ListBox [Could not set the Selected property. Invalid property value.]

I searched and compared the registry on the pc's for mscal.ocx and they are exactly the same. I also added the reference to the mscal.ocx manualy in vba but still the same problem.

Where else can I look to ensure the ocx is correct added? Any idea how to solve it? Thanks


it's common controls you need to get up and running support.microsoft.com/en-gb/kb/2746232

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