I have 2 fragments (Fragment A and Fragment B) both with collapsing toolbar layouts and corresponding recyclerviews within a coordinatorlayout.

If I scroll up in my recyclerview (so the CollapsingToolbarLayout has collapsed) and then open Fragment B from fragment A (Pushing A onto the backstack).

When I return to fragment A by hitting back. The CollapsingToolbarLayout/AppBarLayout is always expanded, even though the recycler view is in the same position.

Anyone experience this?


I had face same problem so i write below code:-

private boolean isExpand = true;
private void setTitleNotExpand(boolean isExpand) {
    if(getFragmentViewHolder() != null) {
        this.isExpand = isExpand;
        // AppBarLayout variable

when you do add back stack then write below code :-

// write below code where you want to stick your toolbar

// write below code where you want not to stick your toolbar

on your onFragmentViewHolderCreated write below code :-


There's a issue related to this. According to Chris Banes.

Add these lines inside onViewCreated() of your fragment to solve the issue.


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