So basically i store the details entered by the user in the register form into local HTML storage... And i have checked that the details ARE stored in local storage, however, when i try to log in with such information (username and password) in the login form.... it doesn't work. So how would i be able to log in the login form successfully?? In other words, how would i be able to get the data for username and password entered in the register form (which is stored in local storage) and use that to compare with user's input in login form to validate the login process?? Here are files:

  • what exactly is the question here? – Irina Avram Dec 15 '16 at 0:50
  • Okay apologies... what i am trying to do is login basically, but when i try to login, i get my alert message saying invalid user or pass, even though i use the data that are already stored in local storage. e.g: stored user is aaa and pass is aaa, if i typed those in login form, it would say incorrect username or password. SO how would i be able to log in? I am confused – A.Adams Dec 15 '16 at 0:52
  • well what are the values for 'storedUserName', 'storedPassWord', 'username' and 'password' inside of validlogin() ? – Irina Avram Dec 15 '16 at 1:01
  • You store array of users as allEntries, but you are getting the user info as UserName, PassWord, etc – Thum Choon Tat Dec 15 '16 at 1:18
  • Doing login validation on the client is wrong. The user can easily get around it. Real login verification needs to be done on the server. – Barmar Dec 15 '16 at 1:56

You have to compare them to user and pass, not username and password:

var entry = localStorage.getItem("entry");
console.log("username: " + entry.user + "password: " + entry.pas);
if(username.value == entry.user && password.value == entry.pass) {
    alert('You have successfully logged in.');


In the browser pres CTRL + SHIFT + I, and if it's not open select "Console"

  • It still says invalid username or password – A.Adams Dec 15 '16 at 1:21
  • are you entering in the form the same data you are reading from the entry? Like in your example "vvv" and "vvv"? – Irina Avram Dec 15 '16 at 1:25
  • yeah and i have tried aaa and aaa but still the same issue – A.Adams Dec 15 '16 at 1:25
  • how about you try console.log(entry.user); before the if, and see what it prints out. – Irina Avram Dec 15 '16 at 1:29
  • i get nothing, i opened the console log but nothing is printed or achieved from that code – A.Adams Dec 15 '16 at 1:37

These lines won't work:

var storedUserName = localStorage.getItem('UserName');
var storedPassWord = localStorage.getItem('PassWord');
var storedEmailAddress = localStorage.getItem('EmailAddress');

savedata() doesn't save each field to its own item, it just saves the entry object as a whole. So you need to retrieve that and parse it.

var entryJSON = localStorage.getItem('entry');
if (!entryJSON) {
    alert("Nothing stored!");
var entry = JSON.parse(entryJSON);
var storedUserName = entry.user;
var storedPassWord = entry.pass;
var storedEmailAddress = entry.email;

To search allEntries, you need to use a loop:

function validlogin(event) {
    var username = document.getElementById('username').value;
    var password = document.getElementById('password').value;

    var entriesJSON = localStorage.getItem('allEntries');
    if (!entriesJSON) {
        alert("Nothing stored!");
    var allEntries = JSON.parse(entriesJSON);
    for (var i = 0; i < allEntries.length; i++) {
        var entry = allEntries[i];
        var storedUserName = entry.user;
        var storedPassWord = entry.pass;
        var storedEmailAddress = entry.email;
        if (username == storedUserName && password == storedPassWord) {
            alert("Successfully logged in!");
    alert('Invalid Username or Password! Please try again.');
  • Without seeing the whole application, I can't really figure out what's going wrong. Can you make a jsfiddle? – Barmar Dec 15 '16 at 2:46
  • added the fiddle, take a look at it :) – A.Adams Dec 15 '16 at 2:48
  • I needed to add event.preventDefault() when it alerts "Nothing stored". Then it works for me: jsfiddle.net/barmar/s1fswLo5/3. The fiddle doesn't have any code for creating users, so all logins fail. – Barmar Dec 15 '16 at 2:57
  • I've made another fiddle that creates one user first. Username = barry Password = barrypassword. If you enter this correct username it doesn't redirect. – Barmar Dec 15 '16 at 3:01
  • i typed in the only user detail in local storage and it still wont let me log in.. programming is annoying :( – A.Adams Dec 15 '16 at 3:02

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