I am new in hybris please tell me anyone how many type of "extension" hybris have?

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Hybris Commerce comes with the following extensions, which you can use as a template for new extensions:

  1. yempty
  2. ycockpit
  3. yaddon
  4. ybackoffice
  5. yacceleratorcore
  6. yacceleratorfacades
  7. yacceleratorstorefront
  8. yacceleratorcockpits
  9. yacceleratorinitialdata
  10. yacceleratortest
  11. ycommercewebservices
  12. yacceleratorordermanagement
  13. yacceleratorfulflmentprocess
  14. yatddtests
  15. ycommercewebserviceshmc
  16. ycommercewebservicestest
  17. ygroovy
  18. yoccaddon
  19. ysaporderfulfillment
  20. ysapordermgmtb2baddon
  21. ysapproductconfigb2baddon
  22. yscala
  23. yhacext
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  • Those are not type of extensions but available templates, types are core, web, hmc, addons, backoffice, part of module gen. (extensions can be of more than one type) – Benoit Vanalderweireldt Mar 24 '17 at 14:46
  • In addition to the list of extensions mentioned by @BenoitVanalderweireldt, facades, initialdata, fulfilmentprocess and many more. Just execute module gen and you will get 7 or more important extensions created initially. – Kumaravadivel T S Mar 30 '17 at 5:45

All hybris extensions have the same minimal structure :

/.externalToolBuilders directory
/.settings directory
/lib directory
/resources directory
/src directory
/testsrc directory
/web directory
.classpath file
.pmd file
.project file
.ruleset file
.springBeans file
extensioninfo.xml file
project.properties file
external-dependencies.xml file

So there is only one type of extension.

You can then make some different "group" of extension :

  • your custom extensions in /custom
  • the extensions working in module, that have always, a core, a hmc and a web extension
  • the platform extensions in /platform
  • the business extensions in /bin
  • the template extensions, starting with 'y' anf containing an `extgen.propertiesfile. You can have the up to date list of template there
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Actually there are two different types of extensions in Hybris:

  1. Web extensions (webmodule) which expose an access url : yacceleratorstorefront, hmc, ...
  2. Core extensions (coremodule) which basically contains logics : platform, yacceleratorcore, yacceleratorfacades,...

Note: And also some extensions can be both web and core at the same time.

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Reference image

According to your answer

  • Core Extensions - Used for platform implementation
  • Web Extensions - Used for Storefront applications - Like facades,addons, etc.
  • Commerce Extensions - Like payment, fulfillments, etc.

Other usual types are stated below according to hybris commerce suite

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I would say that depends on your config...

according to the previous comments you got you may also have a look at the documentation by SAP https://help.hybris.com

There is a complete capture about Getting started, Creating new Extensions with the core trail and so on. It may help you as well to understand which extensions are possible in which configuration-set according to the accelerator you've chosen and stuff :)

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