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How to install npm -g on offline server


I install npmbox (https://github.com/arei/npmbox) on my offline REHL server but I'm still do not know how to install pm2 or any other package using that.

Please advise.

  • @downvoter: kindly leave a solution if you know? – Jitendra Pancholi Dec 15 '16 at 5:00
  • @Soren: How to include all dependencies in the pack? – Jitendra Pancholi Dec 22 '16 at 7:37

You use npm install & pack

First on a machine that is online you install

$ npm install pm2

Then you pack it up

$ npm pack pm2

That gives you a tar file -- you copy that tar file to your offline machine and install, like

$ npm install pm2-2.2.1.tgz 

The above however only create a tarball for the specific module expluding dependencies, and you may still have dependencies that you need to resolve. While you could simply walk through and pack every dependency manually, there is a modules that will automated that for you

$ npm install -g npm-bundle

Then you can do

$ npm-bundle pm2

for the individual packages, or if you have a package.json for your project

$ npm-bundle

to pack everything in one big tarball

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