I have a function getStatus() that returns an associative array.

Right now I'm accessing a value with two commands:

$a = $user->getStatus();
$a = $a['keyName'];

Is there a way to rephrase that into one command like:

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    Possible duplicate of php access array value from function return. In other words: No, that's not possible with the current PHP syntax. Unfortunately, there's no especially concise way to use an element of an array a function returns. – bcat Nov 7 '10 at 0:28

No, unfortunately that doesn't work.

However, if the order of the returned elements is fixed, you could write something like

list($a) = array_values($user->getStatus());

Or you could write a function that returns an array value:

$a = my_array_value($user->getStatus(),'keyName');

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