I've been trying to install gdb to debug using eclipse on my mac with no luck, I followed both of those guides with no success: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdcpDOf5Sog
[second guide in other comment - can't add more than two links due to new user limitations]

I'm attaching a screenshot to demonstrate: Gdb "terminated exit value: 0" eclipse on mac

Each time I hit the Debug button I get the same "treminated exit value: 0" error (the code runs perfectly when I hit the run button). Gdb does respond to terminal command "gdb"

I've been researching for quite long and it seems that no one has experienced the same problem I do. (Macbook pro 2016 10.12 Sierra)

I've heard from a friend that I might need to configure my Mac to "developer" mode, I have xcode up and running, but I have no idea what else should I do. Anyway I'm my friend could not guarantee that it is the cause of the problem.


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I had issue with terminated exit value: 0 while using older gdb 7.11 because my 7.12.1 does not work on Sierra 10.12.4. There was no solution for my case.

Easy WA is to use LLDB as a debugger for now. Sample instructions here

Another LLDB instruction here

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