I have Android Things OS image installed for my Rasp3 and successfully booted up and log in to shell using adb, but lcd display is upside down with my 7 inch touchscreen display.

I wonder if there is config like lcd_rotate=2 in /boot/config.txt on Raspbian?

  • Could you please tell me, which touch screen do you use? I'm looking for a "no hassle" touch screen for an Android Things tinker project. :) – Tobonaut Oct 28 '17 at 17:55
  • Hi, I bought 7inch touchscreen monitor which is at the link below, but i'm not sure the model is exact the same model as i bought last year ;) ttps://www.raspberrypi.org/products/raspberry-pi-touch-display/ – Kurosawa Hiroyuki Oct 30 '17 at 1:33

You can try to manually mount the boot partition from the sdcard and edit config.txt

mount -t msdos /dev/sdX1 /mnt/disk
echo 'lcd_rotate=2' >> /mnt/disk/config.txt

Where /dev/sdX1 points to your sdcard reader device.

Note: This is more a hack than an officially supported solution, you will have to re-do that operation everytime you upgrade the OS image. It'd be nice to file a feature request to ask for better support for (dynamic?) display configuration

  • I used virtualbox to mount ext4 volume for i'm using mac (el capitan) and it works! – Kurosawa Hiroyuki Dec 15 '16 at 16:44
  • can be mounted on mac like as follows $ sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk1s1 /mnt/sd – Kurosawa Hiroyuki Dec 16 '16 at 12:26
  • 1
    I dont know why, but it fails. $ sudo mount /dev/disk1s1 /mnt/sd mount: You must specify a filesystem type with -t. $ sudo mount -t msdos /dev/disk1s1 /mnt/sd $ ls /mnt/sd LICENCE.broadcom cmdline.txt fixup_cd.dat overlays start_db.elf uboot.env (omit) OSX El Capitan 10.11.6 – Kurosawa Hiroyuki Dec 17 '16 at 16:34
  • 1
    @KurosawaHiroyuki usually /dev/disk1 is OSX, try diskutils list and see all available disks – Fabio Jan 28 '17 at 0:50
  • 1
    @Fabio's comment has a typo, it's diskutil list – Noel May 3 '18 at 18:31

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