So, I'm not completely sure this is the best idea ever but I do find myself trying to switch tabs in VS 2010 using [CTRL] + [1, etc] to switch windows (tabs). Is it possible to configure VS to behave like a web browser causing CTRL+1 switch to the first open window?

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you can use ctrl + tab to switch between VS2010 windows (tabs).

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    Yeah, that one I know. I'd like to add the ability to change windows using ctrl + number. Nov 7, 2010 at 8:53

The Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools Extension has very similar funcionality:

Tab Behavior More Commands for Navigation (New!)
Activate a specific pinned tab by Ctrl+Num Pad 1 through 0
Activate a specific regular tab by Ctrl+Alt+Num Pad 1 through 0

Amongst other nice features, read more below:

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