I am reviewing an issue in our servers by gathering statistics on our IIS Logs. I have noticed several entries for a given path that have an sc-status of 0. I have tried to find what that could mean, but every blob/documentation site I view lists out the http status codes and what they mean.

What does sc-status 0 mean? All of these entries have a sc-substatus of 0 and sc-win32-status of 64.

  • We are seeing this as well. Did you ever figure out what was causing it? – Matt Jacobi Oct 18 '17 at 15:58

sc-status (Protocol Status)

Have a read of these, hopefully you'll find the answer in one of them.

Does an HTTP Status code of 0 have any meaning?

What does HTTP status code 0 mean

Does an HTTP Status code of 0 have any meaning?


i'm also facing the same issue, 2% of web calls returns:

  • sc-status: 0
  • sc-substatus: 7
  • sc-win32-status: 64

I can't understand from the documentation what is occurring.

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    Activating the request failed tracing i matched that all the rows logged as 0 on the basic logs were 403.7 on the detailed one, for mutual SSL with a client with a bad certificate calling the server. Fixed that, no more 0 status codes. – Luca Mazzanti Jan 4 at 14:46

It means that the client dropped the connection

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