In blade, If we want to check that the current route matches with a route or not, we can simply use:

@if(Route::currentRouteName() == 'parameter')
{{ 'yes' }}
{{ 'no' }}

But what if we want to match it with a wildcard like:

@if(Route::currentRouteName() == 'parameter.*')
{{ 'yes' }}
{{ 'no' }}

Is there any solution for that?

I have tried "*" and ":any", but it didn't work.

Note: I want to check route, not URL.

Any help would be appreciated.


Parth Vora


Use Laravel's string helper function

str_is('parameter*', Route::currentRouteName())

It'll return true for any string that starts with parameter

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    Thanks, seems like there is no other way out except string comparison.
    – Parth Vora
    Dec 16 '16 at 10:39

I had the same problem. I wanted to toggle an active class based on a URI.

In blade (Laravel 6x), I did:

(request()->is('projects/*')) ? 'active' : ''

You can also make use of Blades Custom If Statements and write something like this in your AppServiceProvider.php:

public function boot()
    Blade::if('route', function ($route) {
        return Str::is($route, Route::currentRouteName());

then you can use it in a blade view like this:

<li @route('admin.users*') class="active" @endroute>
    <a href="{{ route('admin.users.index') }}">Users</a>

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