I want to zoom a selected with rectang area in ChartView:

import QtQuick 2.7
import QtCharts 2.1

    id: chart
    width: 400
    height: 400

        markerSize: 10
        XYPoint{x: 1; y: 1}
        XYPoint{x: 2; y: 2}
        XYPoint{x: 5; y: 5}

        id: rectang
        color: "black"
        opacity: 0.6
        visible: false

        anchors.fill: parent
        hoverEnabled: true
        acceptedButtons: Qt.AllButtons

        onPressed: {rectang.x = mouseX; rectang.y = mouseY; rectangle.visible = true}
        onMouseXChanged: {rectang.width = mouseX - rectang.x}
        onMouseYChanged: {rectang.height = mouseY - rectang.y}
        onReleased: {
            chart.zoomIn(rectang); // something wrong with that line, it doesn't work
            rectang.visible = false

Can you tell how to use ChartView::zoomIn(rect rectangle) properly? I want zoom to work like in Zoom Line Example. Simple ChartView::zoomIn() just zoom a center by factor of 2.

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That helpped:

onReleased: {
        chart.zoomIn(Qt.rect(rectang.x, rectang.y, rectang.width, rectang.height))
        rectang.visible = false

I mistakenly thought that rect and Rectangle are the same types.

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