I need to access an API backend of a web app from a Chrome extension. The xhr requests that originate from the webpage itself are always preflighted (OPTIONS). However, I can not get the extension to fire preflight requests, it fires the GET requests and the servers authorization mechanism rejects calls without the OPTIONS first.

I read what is available on stackoverflow and tried to add a random "x-weird-header" in an attempt to send a preflight first but it didn't work.

Another thing I can't understand is, Chrome sends an "Origin" header for calls from the webpage but the request from my extension is missing the "Origin" header.

How can I get OPTIONS sent first? and why is the "Origin" missing in my request?


	  url : url, /* url is https and it is called from a non ssl but same domain origin*/
	    type : 'GET',
	    beforeSend : function( xhr ) {
	        xhr.setRequestHeader( "Accept", "application/json, text/plain, */*");
	        xhr.setRequestHeader( "Authorization", "BEARER " + auth_token );
	        xhr.setRequestHeader( "x-weird-header", "utf8" );
	    success : function (data) {
	    error : function (data, errorThrown) {


I think reading on Cross-Origin XMLHttpRequest might help you with this. Your chrome extension is making requests to a remote server therefore you need cross-origin permissions. With regard to your OPTIONS problem, try using this OPTIONS as mentioned in this SO thread:

Access-Control-Allow-Headers: Content-Type, Accept, X-Requested-With, Session

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