I am getting this error while trying to pull or push in my repo

fatal: unable to access 'https://github.com/******/*****.git/': 
Failed to connect to github.com port 443: Connection refused.

The problem is

  • I am not using any proxy
  • It works once in a while but usually it shows this error

I am using ubuntu 16.04 LTS as OS.


I have seen this error from time to time: npm issue 10037 proposes (based on GitHub IP addresses):

I put my /etc/hosts in github.com: github.com github.com github.com

If nothing works, check if an ssh url would work (provided you generate ssh keys, and register the public one to your GitHub account)

 git remote set-url origin git@github.com:user:repo.git
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I donot know if it is the correct way but I solved my problem by keeping the following IP address in my /etc/hosts file.

/etc/hosts     raw.github.com   raw.github.com     raw.github.com gist.github.com       gist.github.com   developer.github.com

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  • That seems to be the same idea as the one I presented in my answer. – VonC Dec 23 '16 at 10:01

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