In my Spring Boot/OAuth2 application I'm trying to login user via my own OAuth2 server with implicit flow with a following url:


after login it redirects the user to the following url:


Is it a correct behavior that the user was redirected to the url with # symbol instead of ?.. I mean:


if no - how to set up my Spring application OAuth2 server in order to redirect user to a correct url ?

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The behavior is correct. The authorization code flow requires that response parameters be embedded in the query part of a redirect URI (RFC 6749, 4.1.2. Authorization Response) while the implicit flow requires that response parameters be embedded in the fragment part (RFC 6749, 4.2.2. Access Token Response).

OAuth 2.0 Multiple Response Type Encoding Practices has defined a new request parameter, response_mode. The parameter specifies where response parameters should be embedded. In the specification, query, fragment and none are defined. In addition, OAuth 2.0 Form Post Response Mode has added form_post as a value of response_mode. If response_mode=form_post is included in an authorization request, response parameters are embedded as HTML form parameters.

You can find a table describing the relationship between response_type/response_mode combinations and HTTP status/response parameters' location in "2. Response Format" in Authlete's Definitive Guide.

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