• MS Access 2010 front-end - myodbc (5.3) - mysql backend
  • Front-end worked perfectly well in MS Access 2003
  • Due to end of support for MS Access 2003 I need to migrate to MS Aaccess 2010


I have a form (F1) which contains a subform-placeholder (SFP). There is a Button (B1) on F1 which, when clicked, sets the SourceObject of SFP to another form (F2) and sets the recordsource of F2 to an SQL statement (SQL2) using VBA. This works, the desired content is collected from the backend and it is shown on form F2.

There is a second button (B2) on F1. When clicked it should do the same as B1, however with another form (F3) and another SQL statement (SQL3). Clicking B2 shows form F3 in SFP, but the form is empty, while it should contain 1 record (which is the result of SQL3). When I save SQL3 in the recordsource of F3 manually, and I open the form from the database-window, it opens the form WITH the desired data.

I have tried in various combinations (without success):

  1. save SQL3 in a queryObject and have that query object in the recordsource of F3

  2. changing the form properties (dataEntry (No), AllowAdditions (Yes), AllowEdits (Yes))

  3. done form.refresh, form.requery

  4. used filters instead of changing SQL3 with VBA

  5. removed subqueries from SQL3

I'm kind of stuck. If there's anyone who could help me solving this problem, I'd be extremely happy.

Thanks Mike

  • So both buttons essentially should do the same, except with different queries and subforms? Yeah, problems like that can be a bitch. Carefully compare all the properties of the working branch with those of the non-working branch, usually there is some tiny difference somewhere. If all else fails, simply start over again, making a SQL4, SF4, and B4. Good luck, it's those days that programming is the worst job there is... – Jur Dec 18 '16 at 13:49
  • In fact, and I forgot to mention that in my list of attempts, I started all over with an empty form, and compared the settings of F2 and F3. One other thing I tried was exporting the entire database-file to text files and importing it again in a fresh database file. However MSAccess introduced some internal incompatibility so the exported txt files cannot be imported anymore. The export adds all kind of commands which make the import choke – Mike Dec 18 '16 at 14:01

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