I have column field of varchar type in format dd.mm.yyyy. I am trying to convert this varchar field to date time in SQL server using

CONVERT(Datetime, LTRIM(RTRIM([Completion Date])), 102)

but it gives me error 'Conversion of varchar type to date type results in out of range value'

How to convert this field to datetime format?

  • Do you have something like a February 30th or September 31st day? How about using TRY_CONVERT and then check to see where the NULL values are to find out where your error is? – DVT Dec 18 '16 at 15:00
  • Please show us some data for the [Completion Date] column. – Tim Biegeleisen Dec 18 '16 at 15:01

You can always use this:

 SELECT convert(datetime, '23/07/2009', 102)

use style 104 (dd.mm.yyyy) instead of 102 (yyyy.mm.dd)

CONVERT(Datetime, LTRIM(RTRIM([Completion Date])), 104)

Also the field of type varchar so there could be some bad dates which needs to be eliminated before the conversion .

If you are using SQL SERVER 2012+ then use TRY_CONVERT, for bad dates it will result NULL

TRY_CONVERT(Datetime, LTRIM(RTRIM([Completion Date])), 104)

You can also use this:

 SELECT convert(date, '21.12.2016', 104)

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You can use convert with date and datetime as below:

SELECT convert(datetime, '27-09-2013', 104)
SELECT convert(date, '27-09-2013', 104)

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