So, I've been making some research browsing throught net and checking websites that are in react and I've noticed that at 80% of them I can't reach their react code anyway to check how it is written. Does people hidden it somewhere or somehow? Because I just been putting my at the bottom of body closure and it is very visible and easily accessable.

How can I hide code of react? Or make it hard to find/read? Is it even possible?


JSX is not html, and browsers display it. JSX is a DSL that gets compiled to JS by babel. According to React's JSX docs:

Fundamentally, JSX just provides syntactic sugar for the React.createElement(component, props, ...children) function.

So this code:

<MyButton color="blue" shadowSize={2}>
  Click Me

compiles into:

  {color: 'blue', shadowSize: 2},
  'Click Me'

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