I am writing an Android application and I'm using a Java class that uses has a loop as follows:

for (Set<I> itemset : candidateList2) {
    supportCountMap.put(itemset, supportCountMap.getOrDefault(itemset,0)+ 1);

I get the warning Call requires API level 24(current min is 16) on the method:


Is there any workaround to this method such that it can work on phones with an SDK version lower than 24 e.g Marshmallow(23) and Lollipop(21)?

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    You can check the source code for the default implementation. – Bubletan Dec 18 '16 at 19:24

You can always implement the same logic yourself:

for (Set<I> itemset : candidateList2) {
    Integer value = supportCountMap.get(itemset);
    if (value == null) {
        value = 0;
    supportCountMap.put(itemset, value + 1);
  • Thanks, this works quite well. Just a question, based on the suggestion by @Bubletan above, the method implementation checks if the HashMap contains the key, would this be necessary in the above snippet of code that is, in conjunction with checking if the value is null? – ic90 Dec 18 '16 at 19:48
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    get would return a null for a non-existent key. Generally speaking, using containsKey is safer, as maps may have null values, but in your case, when you just use a map to hold counters, it's redundant. – Mureinik Dec 18 '16 at 20:10

Kotlin: Simply use the elvis operator :

  val value = map[key] ?: 0

if map[key] is null the value will be 0.


I suggest creating MapCompat class, copy Map.getOrDefault implementation and pass your map as an extra argument:

public class MapCompat {

    public static <K, V> V getOrDefault(@NonNull Map<K, V> map, K key, V defaultValue) {
        V v;
        return (((v = map.get(key)) != null) || map.containsKey(key))
                ? v
                : defaultValue;

This pattern is broadly used in Android support libraries, e.g. ContextCompat.getColor is good example

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