started a project with plain Cordova. This message keeps turning up:

You have been opted out of telemetry. To change this, run: cordova telemetry on.

Did a short search on this, but find mostly error messages. Can some one enlighten me on what this Cordova Telemetry is and what is its use?

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Cordova telemetry is a part of the cordova cli and collects data about your usage of it. From the Apache Cordova CLI Privacy Policy:

  • IP address
  • OS type and version
  • Node version
  • Cordova version
  • Commands executed, time of execution and status (success/failure)

You can turn on/off from the cordova cli (cli reference) by:

cordova telemetry on
cordova telemetry off

cordova telemetry collects developer data of the usage of cordova for the cordova dev-team. The data is shown here:


It is NOT collecting user data, just developer data, like which version of cordova you are using.


It's all about the tool which anonymously report usage statistics to improve your application over time. You can simply turn it on by typing

cordova telemetry on

from the Cordova-cli. Thank you!


In the Capacitor CLI run the caommand

npx cordova telemetry on

It will collects the user information related system and cordova you can remove this by using

cordova telemetry on

Thank You

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