I have a problem similar to How to access externally to consul UI but I can't get the combinations of network options to work right.

I'm on OSX using Docker for Mac, not the old docker-machine stuff, and the official consul docker image, not the progrium/docker image.

I can start up a 3-node server cluster fine using

docker run -d --name node1 -h node1 consul agent -server -bootstrap-expect 3
JOIN_IP="$(docker inspect -f '{{.NetworkSettings.IPAddress}}' node1)"
docker run -d --name node2 -h node2 consul agent -server -join $JOIN_IP
docker run -d --name node3 -h node3 consul agent -server -join $JOIN_IP

So far so good, they're connected to each other and working fine. Now I want to start an agent, and view the UI via it.

I tried a bunch of combinations of -client and -bind, which seem to be the key to all of this. Using

docker run -d -p 8500:8500 --name node4 -h node4 consul agent -join $JOIN_IP  -ui -client= -bind=

I can get the UI via http://localhost:8500/ui/, and consul members shows all the nodes:

docker exec -t node4 consul members
Node   Address          Status  Type    Build  Protocol  DC
node1  alive   server  0.7.1  2         dc1
node2  alive   server  0.7.1  2         dc1
node3  alive   server  0.7.1  2         dc1
node4   alive   client  0.7.1  2         dc1

But all is not well; in the UI it tells me node4 is "Agent not live or unreachable" and in its logs there's a whole bunch of

2016/12/19 18:18:13 [ERR] memberlist: Failed to send ping: write udp> sendto: invalid argument

I've tried a bunch of other combinations - --net=host just borks things up on OSX.

If I try -bind=my box's external IP it won't start,

Error starting agent: Failed to start Consul client: Failed to start lan serf: Failed to create memberlist: Failed to start TCP listener. Err: listen tcp bind: cannot assign requested address

I also tried mapping all the other ports including the udp ports (-p 8500:8500 -p 8600:8600 -p 8400:8400 -p 8300-8302:8300-8302 -p 8600:8600/udp -p 8301-8302:8301-8302/udp) but that didn't change anything.

How can I join a node up to this cluster and view the UI?

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Try using the 0.7.2 release of Consul and start the agent using the following (beta as of 0.7.2, final by 0.8.0) syntax:

$ docker run -d -p 8500:8500 --name node4 -h node4 consul agent -join $JOIN_IP -ui -client= -bind='{{ GetPrivateIP }}'

The change being the argument to -bind where Consul will now render out the IP address of a private IP address. The other template parameters are documented in the hashicorp/go-sockaddr.

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    Man talk about late breaking news! Thanks very much, I tested and it works perfectly. Dec 22, 2016 at 21:38

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