I am looking to find out how to output the current year in a Flask template. I know in Django you can use {% now "Y" %}., but is there a Flask equivalent? I have been unable to find anything during my research thus far.


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Use a template context processor to pass the current date to every template, then render its year attribute.

from datetime import datetime

def inject_now():
    return {'now': datetime.utcnow()}
{{ now.year }}

Or pass the object with render if you don't need it in most templates.

return render_template('show.html', now=datetime.utcnow())

For moment there is Flask Moment. It is powerful like Moment, and easy to use in Flask. To display the year in the user's local time from your Jinja template:

<p>The current year is: {{ moment().format('YYYY') }}.</p>

If using Jinja2 is too cumbersome and you are using Jinja2 in a context of a browser that you can simply use Javascript.

Using Simple Javascript

<span id="year"></span>
const year = document.querySelector('#year');
if (year) {
    year.innerHTML = new Date().getFullYear().toString();

JavaScript library like moment.js

document.write(moment("2012-12-31T23:55:13 Z").format('LLLL'));
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    I recommend doing this in Jinja for compatibility, not in JS, but if you somehow can't: <script>document.write(new Date().getFullYear())</script> doesn't require a library.
    – Blaise
    Sep 4, 2017 at 13:25

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