I have values in my query that looks like the following: Decrease with an active address (2) or Unsecured task (100) etc.

The value within the parentheses varies, it can be one, two, three digits or more because this is a count value.

I just need to get the description not the parentheses nor the value. So what I need is just:

Decrease with an active address
Unsecured task


How can I get rid of the opening (, the numeric value and the closing )?

In ColdFusion 8?

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    With reReplace(). Or, if the stuff you want is always at the end, a combination of left() and find() will work. – Dan Bracuk Dec 20 '16 at 14:08

As Dan mentioned in the comments, one option is using reReplace() with the appropriate expression to remove any text within parenthesis:

    origText = "Decrease with an active address (2)";
    newText = reReplaceNoCase(origText, "\([^)]*\)", "", "all");
    writeDump( newText );


As Alex mentioned in the comments, if you just want to "cut" the string, and grab the part before the parenthesis, try something like this:

    origText = "Decrease with an active address (2) plus more text after the parenthesis";
    newText = reReplaceNoCase(origText, "\([0-9]*\).*$", "", "all");
    writeOutput("<br>"& newText );
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    And if you only want to remove trailing parenthesis with numbers (as described in the question), use \([0-9]*\)$ as the second parameter in the reReplaceNoCase. – Alex Dec 21 '16 at 23:22
  • @Alex - That is a good point. I read it as "remove it", but looking over the title, your suggestion is probably closer to the mark. – Leigh Dec 23 '16 at 12:15

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