I have developed a custom directive which trims value of input controls. Please find the code for the same:

import { Directive, HostListener, Provider } from '@angular/core';
import { NgModel } from '@angular/forms';

 selector: '[ngModel][trim]',
 providers: [NgModel],
 host: {
  '(ngModelChange)': 'onInputChange($event)',
  '(blur)': 'onBlur($event)'

export class TrimValueAccessor {
 onChange = (_) => { };
 private el: any;
 private newValue: any;

constructor(private model: NgModel) {
  this.el = model;

onInputChange(event) {
  this.newValue = event;

 onBlur(event) {

The problem is ngModel not updating value on onBlur event. I tried to trim value on onModelChange event but it doesn't allow space between two words(e.g., ABC XYZ)

Any suggestion would be helpful.

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    Could you please come up with a plunker as someone hast to test it? – micronyks Dec 20 '16 at 9:43

Please add below lines of code in onblur event instead of existing code.It would work:



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