I have a new installation of Exchange 2016 Enterprise, Mailbox role (single server, no other servers in the infrastructure). Everything works fine but I need to make some configurations for which I need the commands Get-ReceiveConnector and Set-ReceiveConnector. However when I try to execute these commands in the Exchange Management Shell I get an error:

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-ReceiveConnector Get-ReceiveConnector : The term 'Get-ReceiveConnector' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file, or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try again.

At line:1 char:1

  • Get-ReceiveConnector

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • CategoryInfo : ObjectNotFound: (Get-ReceiveConnector:String) [], CommandNotFoundException

    • FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException

I can execute other Exchange commands successfully and Get-ExCommand gives me a long list of supported commands, but not the two I need:

[PS] C:\Windows\system32>Get-ExCommand

CommandType Name Version

----------- ---- -------

Function Add-DistributionGroupMember 1.0

Function Add-MailboxFolderPermission 1.0

Function Clear-ActiveSyncDevice 1.0

Function Clear-MobileDevice 1.0

Function Clear-TextMessagingAccount 1.0

Function Compare-TextMessagingVerificationCode 1.0

Function ConvertFrom-SddlString

Function Disable-App 1.0

Function Disable-InboxRule 1.0

Function Disable-UMCallAnsweringRule 1.0

Function Enable-App 1.0

Function Enable-InboxRule 1.0

Function Enable-UMCallAnsweringRule 1.0

Function Format-Hex

Function Get-ActiveSyncDevice 1.0

Function Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics 1.0

Function Get-App 1.0

Function Get-CalendarNotification 1.0

Function Get-CalendarProcessing 1.0

Function Get-CASMailbox 1.0

Function Get-ConsumerMailbox 1.0

Function Get-DistributionGroup 1.0

Function Get-DistributionGroupMember 1.0

Function Get-FileHash

Function Get-Group 1.0

Function Get-InboxRule 1.0

Function Get-Mailbox 1.0

Function Get-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration 1.0

Function Get-MailboxCalendarConfiguration 1.0

Function Get-MailboxCalendarFolder 1.0

Function Get-MailboxFolder 1.0

Function Get-MailboxFolderPermission 1.0

Function Get-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration 1.0

Function Get-MailboxMessageConfiguration 1.0

Function Get-MailboxPreferredLocation 1.0

Function Get-MailboxRegionalConfiguration 1.0

Function Get-MailboxSpellingConfiguration 1.0

Function Get-MailboxStatistics 1.0

Function Get-MessageCategory 1.0

Function Get-MessageClassification 1.0

Function Get-MessageTrackingReport 1.0

Function Get-MobileDevice 1.0

Function Get-MobileDeviceStatistics 1.0

Function Get-OnlineMeetingConfiguration 1.0

Function Get-RbacDiagnosticInfo 1.0

Function Get-Recipient 1.0

Function Get-SiteMailbox 1.0

Function Get-SiteMailboxDiagnostics 1.0

Function Get-TextMessagingAccount 1.0

Function Get-UMCallAnsweringRule 1.0

Function Get-UMMailbox 1.0

Function Get-UMMailboxConfiguration 1.0

Function Get-UMPhoneSession 1.0

Function Get-UnifiedAuditSetting 1.0

Function Get-User 1.0

Function Get-UserPhoto 1.0

Function Import-PowerShellDataFile

Function Import-RecipientDataProperty 1.0

Function New-App 1.0

Function New-Guid

Function New-InboxRule 1.0

Function New-MailboxFolder 1.0

Function New-MailMessage 1.0

Function New-SiteMailbox 1.0

Function New-TemporaryFile

Function New-UMCallAnsweringRule 1.0

Function PSConsoleHostReadline 1.2

Function Remove-ActiveSyncDevice 1.0

Function Remove-App 1.0

Function Remove-DistributionGroupMember 1.0

Function Remove-InboxRule 1.0

Function Remove-MailboxFolderPermission 1.0

Function Remove-MobileDevice 1.0

Function Remove-UMCallAnsweringRule 1.0

Function Remove-UserPhoto 1.0

Function Search-MessageTrackingReport 1.0

Function Send-TextMessagingVerificationCode 1.0

Function Set-CalendarNotification 1.0

Function Set-CalendarProcessing 1.0

Function Set-CASMailbox 1.0

Function Set-ConsumerMailbox 1.0

Function Set-InboxRule 1.0

Function Set-Mailbox 1.0

Function Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration 1.0

Function Set-MailboxCalendarConfiguration 1.0

Function Set-MailboxCalendarFolder 1.0

Function Set-MailboxFolderPermission 1.0

Function Set-MailboxJunkEmailConfiguration 1.0

Function Set-MailboxMessageConfiguration 1.0

Function Set-MailboxRegionalConfiguration 1.0

Function Set-MailboxSpellingConfiguration 1.0

Function Set-MailUser 1.0

Function Set-SiteMailbox 1.0

Function Set-TextMessagingAccount 1.0

Function Set-UMCallAnsweringRule 1.0

Function Set-UMMailbox 1.0

Function Set-UMMailboxConfiguration 1.0

Function Set-UMMailboxPIN 1.0

Function Set-UnifiedAuditSetting 1.0

Function Set-User 1.0

Function Set-UserPhoto 1.0

Function Start-AuditAssistant 1.0

Function Start-UMPhoneSession 1.0

Function Stop-UMPhoneSession 1.0

Function Test-SiteMailbox 1.0

Function Update-SiteMailbox 1.0

Cmdlet Add-Computer

Cmdlet Add-Content

Cmdlet Add-Member

Cmdlet Add-Type

Cmdlet Checkpoint-Computer

Cmdlet Clear-Content

Cmdlet Clear-EventLog

Cmdlet Clear-Item

Cmdlet Clear-ItemProperty

Cmdlet Clear-RecycleBin

Cmdlet Clear-Variable

Cmdlet Compare-Object

Cmdlet Complete-Transaction

Cmdlet ConvertFrom-Csv

Cmdlet ConvertFrom-Json

Cmdlet ConvertFrom-String

Cmdlet ConvertFrom-StringData

Cmdlet Convert-Path

Cmdlet Convert-String

Cmdlet ConvertTo-Csv

Cmdlet ConvertTo-Html

Cmdlet ConvertTo-Json

Cmdlet ConvertTo-Xml

Cmdlet Copy-Item

Cmdlet Copy-ItemProperty

Cmdlet Debug-Process

Cmdlet Debug-Runspace

Cmdlet Disable-ComputerRestore

Cmdlet Disable-PSBreakpoint

Cmdlet Disable-RunspaceDebug

Cmdlet Enable-ComputerRestore

Cmdlet Enable-PSBreakpoint

Cmdlet Enable-RunspaceDebug

Cmdlet Export-Alias

Cmdlet Export-Clixml

Cmdlet Export-Csv

Cmdlet Export-FormatData

Cmdlet Export-PSSession

Cmdlet Format-Custom

Cmdlet Format-List

Cmdlet Format-Table

Cmdlet Format-Wide

Cmdlet Get-Alias

Cmdlet Get-ChildItem

Cmdlet Get-Clipboard

Cmdlet Get-ComputerInfo

Cmdlet Get-ComputerRestorePoint

Cmdlet Get-Content

Cmdlet Get-ControlPanelItem

Cmdlet Get-Culture

Cmdlet Get-Date

Cmdlet Get-Event

Cmdlet Get-EventLog

Cmdlet Get-EventSubscriber

Cmdlet Get-FormatData

Cmdlet Get-Host

Cmdlet Get-HotFix

Cmdlet Get-Item

Cmdlet Get-ItemProperty

Cmdlet Get-ItemPropertyValue

Cmdlet Get-Location

Cmdlet Get-Member

Cmdlet Get-Process

Cmdlet Get-PSBreakpoint

Cmdlet Get-PSCallStack

Cmdlet Get-PSDrive

Cmdlet Get-PSProvider

Cmdlet Get-PSReadlineKeyHandler 1.2

Cmdlet Get-PSReadlineOption 1.2

Cmdlet Get-Random

Cmdlet Get-Runspace

Cmdlet Get-RunspaceDebug

Cmdlet Get-Service

Cmdlet Get-TimeZone

Cmdlet Get-TraceSource

Cmdlet Get-Transaction

Cmdlet Get-TypeData

Cmdlet Get-UICulture

Cmdlet Get-Unique

Cmdlet Get-Variable

Cmdlet Get-WmiObject

Cmdlet Group-Object

Cmdlet Import-Alias

Cmdlet Import-Clixml

Cmdlet Import-Csv

Cmdlet Import-LocalizedData

Cmdlet Import-PSSession

Cmdlet Invoke-Expression

Cmdlet Invoke-Item

Cmdlet Invoke-RestMethod

Cmdlet Invoke-WebRequest

Cmdlet Invoke-WmiMethod

Cmdlet Join-Path

Cmdlet Limit-EventLog

Cmdlet Measure-Command

Cmdlet Measure-Object

Cmdlet Move-Item

Cmdlet Move-ItemProperty

Cmdlet New-Alias

Cmdlet New-Event

Cmdlet New-EventLog

Cmdlet New-Item

Cmdlet New-ItemProperty

Cmdlet New-Object

Cmdlet New-PSDrive

Cmdlet New-Service

Cmdlet New-TimeSpan

Cmdlet New-Variable

Cmdlet New-WebServiceProxy

Cmdlet Out-File

Cmdlet Out-GridView

Cmdlet Out-Printer

Cmdlet Out-String

Cmdlet Pop-Location

Cmdlet Push-Location

Cmdlet Read-Host

Cmdlet Register-EngineEvent

Cmdlet Register-ObjectEvent

Cmdlet Register-WmiEvent

Cmdlet Remove-Computer

Cmdlet Remove-Event

Cmdlet Remove-EventLog

Cmdlet Remove-Item

Cmdlet Remove-ItemProperty

Cmdlet Remove-PSBreakpoint

Cmdlet Remove-PSDrive

Cmdlet Remove-PSReadlineKeyHandler 1.2

Cmdlet Remove-TypeData

Cmdlet Remove-Variable

Cmdlet Remove-WmiObject

Cmdlet Rename-Computer

Cmdlet Rename-Item

Cmdlet Rename-ItemProperty

Cmdlet Reset-ComputerMachinePassword

Cmdlet Resolve-Path

Cmdlet Restart-Computer

Cmdlet Restart-Service

Cmdlet Restore-Computer

Cmdlet Resume-Service

Cmdlet Select-Object

Cmdlet Select-String

Cmdlet Select-Xml

Cmdlet Send-MailMessage

Cmdlet Set-Alias

Cmdlet Set-Clipboard

Cmdlet Set-Content

Cmdlet Set-Date

Cmdlet Set-Item

Cmdlet Set-ItemProperty

Cmdlet Set-Location

Cmdlet Set-PSBreakpoint

Cmdlet Set-PSReadlineKeyHandler 1.2

Cmdlet Set-PSReadlineOption 1.2

Cmdlet Set-Service

Cmdlet Set-TimeZone

Cmdlet Set-TraceSource

Cmdlet Set-Variable

Cmdlet Set-WmiInstance

Cmdlet Show-Command

Cmdlet Show-ControlPanelItem

Cmdlet Show-EventLog

Cmdlet Sort-Object

Cmdlet Split-Path

Cmdlet Start-Process

Cmdlet Start-Service

Cmdlet Start-Sleep

Cmdlet Start-Transaction

Cmdlet Stop-Computer

Cmdlet Stop-Process

Cmdlet Stop-Service

Cmdlet Suspend-Service

Cmdlet Tee-Object

Cmdlet Test-ComputerSecureChannel

Cmdlet Test-Connection

Cmdlet Test-Path

Cmdlet Trace-Command

Cmdlet Unblock-File

Cmdlet Undo-Transaction

Cmdlet Unregister-Event

Cmdlet Update-FormatData

Cmdlet Update-List

Cmdlet Update-TypeData

Cmdlet Use-Transaction

Cmdlet Wait-Debugger

Cmdlet Wait-Event

Cmdlet Wait-Process

Cmdlet Write-Debug

Cmdlet Write-Error

Cmdlet Write-EventLog

Cmdlet Write-Host

Cmdlet Write-Information

Cmdlet Write-Output

Cmdlet Write-Progress

Cmdlet Write-Verbose

Cmdlet Write-Warning

How can I get Get-ReceiveConnector and Set-ReceiveConnector to work?


I came across this post https://tigermatt.wordpress.com/2010/11/11/missing-some-cmdlets-at-exchange-management-shell-me-too/ and it says that it's a user profile issue.

I tried using another user (the domain administrator) and everything works fine, so it's really a problem of my user. However, deleting the folder as suggested in the article didn't work.

What worked was adding additional roles to my user, especially the Organization Management and Enterprise Admins and now everything works fine.

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