Say I have some array type T[], is it possible to extract the type T within another alias / interface? For example my (fake) ideal code would be as follows:

// for illustration only...

type ArrayElement<T[]> = T;

// then, ArrayElement<string[]> === string

If no, are there general type theory reasons for not allowing such an operator? If no again, I might suggest it be added.



Since 2.1, typescript supports [ ] operator for types. The official name is indexed access types, also called lookup types, and it works like this:

type A = {a: string, b: number} [];

type AElement = A[0];

let e: AElement = {x: 0}; //error TS2322: Type '{ x: number; }' is not 
                       //assignable to type '{ a: string; b: number; }'
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  • What's happen when a be nullable ? – Ali Akbar Azizi May 11 '19 at 23:12
  • Same or similar error because type { x: number; } is still not assignment-compatible with the type of array element – artem May 12 '19 at 0:39
  • It's also possible to do YourArray[number] which I think is more general than YourArray[0] – Artur Tagisow Apr 7 at 8:53

You can achieve that with the following:

type ArrayElement<ArrayType extends readonly unknown[]> = ArrayType[number];

So these examples would work:

type X = ArrayElement<string[]>; // string
type Y = ArrayElement<readonly string[]>; // string
type Z = ArrayElement<[string, number]>; // string | number


ArrayType extends readonly unknown[] says that we expect the type parameter ArrayType to be at least a readonly array (it also accepts a mutable array) so that we can look at its element type.

Note that readonly unknown[] is syntax added in TypeScript 3.4; for earlier versions use ReadonlyArray<unknown>.

On the right-hand side, ArrayType[number] means any value in the array accessible by a numeric index - i.e. any value in the array.

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    This implementation infers the element type from the array type, while the accepted answer infers the type of the first element in the array. I just thought it was more elegant, but since the array is guaranteed (by its type definition) to only contain elements of the same type, there's no technical advantage to using this solution. – Will Madden Nov 20 '18 at 11:10
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    Typescript supports indexed based array element types such as: [number,string]. So this answer has some advantages as ArrayElement<[number,string]> -> number | string – Vahid Apr 2 '19 at 2:07

Another alternative:

type ArrayElement<A> = A extends readonly (infer T)[] ? T : never
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