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From my mentioned title above, do anyone know how to make a modal bootstrap close when button <a class='btn btn-success' href='myproject.com/api/payout.xls?worker='19'>download commission</a> inside modal stop request ?

for now when I clicked the button download commission, it is like pending for 15 seconds to download that file. and after around 15 seconds, I can see download file has been download in my browser [refer picture below]. but the issue is my modal do not close. How to do it?

thanks, faizal

enter image description here

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  • call a function for on click of anchor tag, will work in other waym to close modal here is the code $('#modal').modal('toggle'); – Rahul Meshram Dec 21 '16 at 13:23

Bind click event for the tag and try the following code to close the modal:

$(function () {

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