Using Visual Studio Code Version 1.8.1 how do I restore a deleted file in the recycle bin?

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    Since VS Code shows that hint inside the program I find this question very legit. I too looked for a minute inside of the program before googling (and landing here) and before looking in the system trash bin ;) – Manuel Manhart Dec 29 '16 at 15:44

It uses the normal trash bin of your system. So you can grab it our of there.

In Windows you find it in the explorer, in Linux it is as well in Konquerer / Nemo / ...

  1. First go to Recycle Bin of your local machine.
  2. Your VS code deleted files is there in Recycle Bin.
  3. So, Right click on deleted files and select-> Restore option then your deleted files will be automatically restored in your VS code.
  • It actually works! I found all files in my recycle bin. Thanks man – Fouad Boukredine Oct 9 '19 at 9:07

I know the OP says Recycle Bin. What I do though is recreate the file, especially if it's a single file. And when in the file, I just press CMD+Z (I'm on a Mac) and I get my file back.

  1. Recreate the file in the same directory from where it was deleted.
  2. CMD+Z inside of the newly created file.

Just look up the files you deleted, inside Recycle Bin. Right click on it and do restore as you do normally with other deleted files. It is similar as you do normally because VS code also uses normal trash of your system.


I accidentally discarded changes in the Source Control in VS Code, I just needed to reopen this file and press Ctrl-Z few times, glad that VS Code saves your changes like that.


who still facing the problem on linux and didnt find it on trash try this solution


find / -name "delete_file_name"

If your local directory has git initialized and you have not committed the changes that include the delete, you can use git checkout -f to throw away local changes.

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