I have a published hybrid app (Phonegap/Cordova based), which uses cordova-plugin-sqlite-2 to store data (7 tables), and a lot of downloaded images in a local folder. This is the 1.1 release version.

Now I'm rewriting it to version 2.0, using NativeScript, but I need to use the installed database (the one from version 1.1).

What do I need to configure? Is it possible to test in the debug mode (I mean in a real device that has the released/published version 1.1 installed, then I would like to install debug version 2.0 and use the same database)? If that's not possible in debug mode, is it in the release one?


There is a SQLite plugin for NativeScript as well.

Here is a link to an article on using SQLite with NS, this article also links to the plugin used.


  • I'm using it - forgot to tell it on my question... but couldn't find a way to use same database. Thanks anyway! – Fabio Dec 29 '16 at 22:49

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