I want to be able to detect mime types for .one, .onetoc, .onetoc2 files using apache tika. However from their documentation https://tika.apache.org/1.14/formats.html does not seem to have support for it. Using purely file parsing techniques using Tika I always get application/octet-stream instead of application/onenote.

They do support based extension and name based introspection to determine the mime type but that is unreliable as I can always name a file *.one and it would throw mime type as 'application/onenote' which is incorrect.

Any pointers on any library available that can easily detect if a given file is of onenote type or is there something I am missing in Tika?

  • Are you able to create a handful of small onenote files, that you're happy to put under the Apache License, which could be used for testing? – Gagravarr Dec 22 '16 at 0:58

For mime-magic driven OneNote file detection, you need to either to wait for Apache Tika 1.15, or get a nightly / git build that includes commit aa448a3b7e61f9a46efd1bf3f2ac72e6a3852d8f.

You might also be interested in TIKA-2224, the bug for this. Note that as of December 2016, we still need some more small sample test OneNote files to use for detection tests. Please add them to the bug if you can!

Also, for now the only OneNote support is magic-based detection for the .one and .onetoc formats. There's no parser available, see this Tika mailing list thread for information + pointers on what'd be involved in adding Parser support.

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