I would like to update a simple atom, like: {:a 1} and return new value just like swap! does, only if given key already exists (and return nil otherwise).

This is the simplest solution I figured out:

(defn cond-assoc [store k v]
  (when (get @store k)
    (swap! store assoc k v)))

but I don't feel it's really atomic. In the wild lot of things may happen between (get @store k) and the swap! operations. Is there any better solution than that?


You are right, your solution is not very atomic. To make an atomic swap, make a simple function that transforms the map only when required:

(defn assoc-if-exists [m k v]
  (if (m k) (assoc m k v) m))

Note that this has nothing to do with an atom or with being atomic. To use it with an atom, simply do

(def store (atom {:a 1}))
(swap! store assoc-if-exists :a 4) ;; {:a 4}, value changed
(swap! store assoc-if-exists :b 4) ;; {:a 4}, nothing added

Notice that this does not return nil when the key does not exists. If you want that behavior, you could check if the returned value contains the key:

(defn atomic-assoc-or-nil [a k v]
  (let [r (swap! a assoc-if-exists k v)]
    (when (get r k) r)))

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