I need one help. I need to export and import the total database/all collection for MongoDB using Ubuntu. I am explaining my command below.

 sudo mongoexport --db FGDP --out  /home/subrajyoti/Downloads/newdbexport.json; 

Here i am getting the following error message.

2016-12-22T10:28:46.290+0530    error validating settings: must specify a collection
2016-12-22T10:28:46.290+0530    try 'mongoexport --help' for more information

Here i need to export all collection rather than one single one. Please help me.


Exporting all collections of all database using mongodump use the following command:

mongodump -o <directory_backup>
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  • @ Mital Gajjar : Can you please say how can I transfer mongodb database from one host to another. suppose my db FHDP is present in this 10.25.*.* ip and i want to move directly to 54.25.*.*. HOw can I do this. – user5443928 Dec 22 '16 at 5:49

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