I have upgraded from Sitecore 8.1 to Sitecore 8.2. I have a method in which I am using:


For this it is giving error:

attempt by method METHOD_NAME to access method 'Sitecore.Context+PageMode.get_IsPageEditor()' failed.

What am I missing?


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Is deprecated in the Sitecore.Kernel since Sitecore 8.0 Update-6 see the release notes:

Deprecated and removed functionality

The properties IsPageEditor, IsPageEditorDesigning and IsPageEditorEditing in the class Context.PageMode from Sitecore namespace have been deprecated in favor of the new introduced properties IsExperienceEditor and IsExperienceEditorEditing. Old properties will be removed in one of the future major versions. (438475)

In Sitecore 8.2 update 1 the Sitecore.Context.PageMode.IsPageEditor is removed use


Same for:

IsPageEditor, Obsolete Use IsExperienceEditor instead
IsPageEditorClassic, Deprecated always false
IsPageEditorDesigning, Obsolete Use IsExperienceEditorEditing instead
IsPageEditorEditing, Obsolete Use IsExperienceEditorEditing instead 
IsPageEditorNavigating, Deprecated always false

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