I want to cite inside Wikipedia sources which are stored in my Jabref Database. According to the jabref-documentation i need a custom exportfilter which is a file like "wikipediacitation.layout". This layout file converts a jabref database into the wikipedia-syntax for pasting it at the end of an article. The description of the output format is given here. My problem is, that the creation of a Jabref-layout-file seems to be complicated. Can anybody help?

I've found the answer by myself.

The following files have to be created:

<ref name=\bibtexkey>{{cite journal
 | author = \author
 | title = \title
 | year = \year
 | journal = \journal
 | volume = \volume
 | pages = \pages
 | url = \url 



Then, a new export filter has to be added into Jabref (options -> manage custom exports -> add new). But even I've found myself the answer, thanks to Stackoverflow for listening to my problem.

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