Where can I find working code of object detection (part of computer vision) written in OpenCL or CUDA? Greatly appreciate in advance.

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    Try being more specific about the kind of objects you are interested in. Search for something specific, like detection of people, cars, or faces. – Dima Nov 8 '10 at 22:27

There are lots of demos and papers at nvidia's Cuda Zone. Search for "detection".

For example:

  • Fast Human Detection with Cascaded Ensembles (476d306d-6a77-4749-8210-8b7b19ebd420)
  • Detection and Tracking of Human Subjects (608510ce-a512-41c8-b32a-b55cb524284d)
  • GPU-Based Road Sign Detection Using Particle Swarm Optimization (76dcd879-098a-41f2-ab03-38c43d2a042e)

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