I have a fairly simple hierarchical structure of nodes, but when vis.js draws them, the order of nodes on each level doesn't make much sense - there are a lot of crossed edges (screenshot: Default Layout )

I am hoping to get a layout similar to that given here: Expected Layout

My vis.js options are as follows;

    "layout": {
        "hierarchical": {
            "direction": "LR",
            "sortMethod": "directed",
            "nodeSpacing": 200,
            "treeSpacing": 400
    "edges": {
        "smooth": {
            "type": "continuous"
    "nodes": {
        "physics": false

What is the best method to produce this sorted layout?

  • The issue may be version-dependent: see stackoverflow.com/q/46927541/3995261 – YakovL May 4 '18 at 19:51
  • perhaps something like this might work, check the example in this fiddle jsfiddle.net/86vqfgeo, in case you could supply a fiddle like that with your data it could be very helpful – user2560539 Aug 15 '20 at 7:21

I suggest your try enabling physics, which will sort out the edges crossing, etc.

However, in hierarchical layout, it's a good idea to disable the engine once it's done the first iterations by catching the 'stabilizationIterationsDone' event as follows:

network.on("stabilizationIterationsDone", function(){
  network.setOptions( { physics: false } );


you should remove the quotation marks. these are object's properties, not strings. it should look like this:

layout: {
    hierarchical: {
        direction: "LR",
        sortMethod: "directed",
        nodeSpacing: 200,
        treeSpacing: 400
edges: {
    smooth: {
        type: "continuous"
nodes: {
    physics: false
  • 2
    using quotation marks is a valid syntax, so this can't be a source of any problem (moreover, this is required in JSON which is valid JS) – YakovL Feb 7 '18 at 14:54

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