I have a csv import file with 33 million lines that need to be imported into my database. I can import it with a C# console app but then the stored procedures that run after the import timeout. Consequently I want to split the file into 10 smaller files.

I could do it in C# but I suspect there's a much better approach using shell utilities. I have cygwin installed and can use all the common Linux shell utilities. Is there a neat little combination of commands I could use to split the file?

  • What database? With the major ones there are import utilities you can use to make this a lot easier. – kemiller2002 Nov 8 '10 at 21:54

Use split - e.g. to split a file every 3.4 million lines (should give you 10 files):

split -l 3400000

$ man split


splitting by line is good however you can also split by size

creates 1MB files out of the original

split -b 1024k <file_name> 

creates 1GB files out of original

split -b 1024m <file_name>

The version of split in coreutils 8.8 (not yet released) will have the command

split -n l/10

For now you'll need to specify a particular number of lines per file


If your csv file have 500 rows to split two part(250+250)

download and install "Cygwin Terminal"

put comment "split -l 250 filename.csv"

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