I m using Spring to create forms and display them in a layout area automatically when user clicks on a menu:

ApplicationContext ac = new AnnotationConfigApplicationContext("package");
AbstractComponent form = (AbstractComponent)ac.getBean(formName);       
layout.addComponent( form );

All is working fine, the issues is that, there are several hundreds forms, so when user clicks on a menu, it last almost 8 seconds to load the form. The things is that, if I understand well, the bean container instantied all the forms?

Is there any way to increase performace, I m using correctly the ApplicationContext?

Thanks in advance

  • Would pre-loading context before user does any clicks work? Then on user click application will have to only find a form in already instantiated context not to instantiate the whole context. – Alexey Lagunov Dec 22 '16 at 17:45
  • Thanks dopamint, yes, I applied a Singleton pattern and it resolver the performance problem. See my answer for futher info – Diego Quirós Dec 22 '16 at 17:55

Ok, the issue was due to a newbie error. When the user clicked the form the method responsible for creating the ApplicationContext created a new ApplicationContext everytime. So applying the Singleton pattern resolved the problem:

public class FormLoader{ static ApplicationContext ac = null;

    public FormLoader() {
        if( ac == null ) {
            ac = new AnnotationConfigApplicationContext("package");

    public void loadForm( ... ) {
        AbstractComponent form = (AbstractComponent)ac.getBean(nombreForm);
        layout.addComponent( form );


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