I have tried to upload my app to App Store (iTunes Connect) to test my app in TestFlight, but always appears the same error message. I don´t know what I´m doing wrong. It´s the third day I´m trying to upload my app.

Also read that this is a problem from Apple's servers, but every day is the same problem.

Please help me with this problem.


I have done it with Application Loader. First export the .ipa file, and then proccesed in Application Loader to visualize in iTunes Connect. Never works with Xcode.


You can try following solutions:
Use Application Loader to upload your app, as Xcode organizer can't upload file (rejects IPA) sometimes, without genuine reason and it's frequently occurring issue, with Xcode Organizer, that apple could not resolve permanently.

Solution to error code: 22421

  • Apple app upload server is not working properly (not in connection or lost connection during file upload). Just wait and try again later (may be after a day).
  • Fluctuation in your network connection, during file upload.
  • You may not have added privacy statements in your info.plist file.

Cocoa Keys: Here, is list of keys that you should consider to add in your info.plist file, if you have used that service in your application.

Nowadays, you may also face, this error code: 90186 (with app loader)

  • Outdated application loader can be reason of this error. Use latest Xcode tool and use application loader from Xcode Tool.
  • Incorrect/invalid provisioning profile, associated with your build. Ensure, your have used correct provisioning profile (A provisioning profile with Distribution/Production mode is require. A Development mode provisioning profile won't allow your to upload app on store.)

You can find latest Application Loader Tool from latest Xcode Tool: Xcode ▶ Open Developer Tool ▶ Application Loader

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try this

cd ~  
mv .itmstransporter/ .old_itmstransporter/  

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