I am trying to identify when a file is PNG or JPG to apply it as a wallpaper. I am using the SHGetFileInfo to get the type name with the .szTypeName variable, but I just realized that it changes if the OS is in another language.

This is my code:

UINT sizeFile = sizeof(fileInfo);

//  Getting file info to find out if it has JPG or PNG format
SHGetFileInfoW(argv[1], 0, &fileInfo, sizeFile, Flags);

This is how I am validating:

if (wcscmp(fileInfo.szTypeName, L"JPG File") == 0)

//Code here


When the OS is in spanish, the value changes to "Archivo JPG" so I would have to validate against all language, and does not make sense.

Any idea what other function I can use?


This API is meant to be used to produce a user-facing string representation for known file types1). It is not meant to be used to implement code logic.

More importantly, it doesn't try to parse the file contents. It works off of the file extension alone. If you rename an Excel workbook MySpreadsheet.xlsx to MySpreadsheet.png, it will happily report, that this is a "PNG File".

The solution to your problem is simple: You don't have to do anything, other than filtering on the file extension. Use PathFindExtension (or PathCchFindExtension for Windows 8 and above) to get the file extension from a fully qualified path name.

This can fail, in case the user appended the wrong file extension. Arguably, this isn't something your application should fix, though.

As an aside, you pass SHGFI_USEFILEATTRIBUTES to SHGetFileInfoW but decided to not pass any file attributes (second argument) to the call. This is a bug. See What does SHGFI_USEFILEATTRIBUTES mean? for details.

1) It is the moral equivalent of SHGFI_DISPLAYNAME. The only thing you can do with display names is display them.

  • Thanks for answering! That was all I needed. I used PathFindExtension (PWSTR findExt = PathFindExtensionW(argv[1]) function and deleted all the SHGetFileInfoW code. – Sergio Calderon Dec 22 '16 at 21:49

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