The timestamps in my neo4j.log file are 10 hours off from what the unix date command returns. I don't see a parameter in neo4j.conf for timezone. Is there anyway to get configure the time zone for timestamps in neo4j.log???

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From the 3.3.1 version it is possible to configure the timezone. Just add the following to your neo4j.conf -

# possible values - [UTC, SYSTEM]



The timestamps in the Neo4j logs are in UTC. This is not configurable.


For Neo4j 4.x and later: The timestamps in logs are in UTC by default.
This can be overridden to SYSTEM timezone using dbms.db.timezone

  1. Edit neo4j.conf
  2. Add dbms.db.timezone=SYSTEM to the file as a new line
  3. Save changes
  4. Restart the server

Reference: dbms.db.timezone

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